WEConnect International Europe Conference 2017 - Breakout Sessions


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Provoking your Leadership Self

Presented by Karen Tracey - Owner of Dunelm Business Consultants

Working on your leadership prowess and brand is critical in order to take you, your workforce and your business to the next level. It does not happen by accident and great leaders deliberately forge that journey. As a result of working successfully with many business owners and senior executives, Karen will talk about how she challenges their thinking about their leadership approach, brand and wiring in order to make them more sophisticated leaders and, as a result, to be better at motivating and inspiring their workforce. Karen will share real experiences of how she transforms leaders and she will provide practical tips and share useful information that will enable you to begin to:

  • Understand your leadership preferences and those of others
  • Start to think differently about your value system and how this impacts on your day to day interaction as a leader
  • Reflect on your workforce and be more sophisticated in motivating and inspiring them to be aligned to your vision and strategic plan
  • Start to think about your own leadership brand and create a strategy to continually develop this

Stand Up to Stand Out: How to Get Ahead with Humour

Presented by Lynne Parker - Founder and Chief Executive of Funny Women

Humour is as valuable in business today as it is in our personal lives. Throw away the corporate rule book and have fun. Find ways to present yourself in a more relaxed, authentic style to suit today’s modern business environment. Explore how by using humour in your business and personal life you can:

  • improve your self-confidence and esteem
  • communicate more effectively and memorably
  • listen to what is really being said to you
  • find strategies to help you perform and engage with passion.

Journalism Skills for Non-Journalists

Presented by Shelley Hoppe - Founder of Southerly, The Creative Contact Agency

Thanks to global teams, the internet and social media, written communications are increasingly important in our lives. Brands, we are told, are becoming publishers and we in turn should all individually think of ourselves as mini brands. Today, it seems like everyone needs to behave like a journalist. In this practical session, Shelley will cover some basic journalism skills for non-journalists, specifically how to structure your thoughts, communicate clearly and generate interest or get buy-in (depending on what your goals are). She’ll also cover how to use these skills when communicating internally via email and externally on social media channels.

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